Flowers & Kain embodies a 'New Classic' style, and has consistently shown their ability to transcend genres and unify people through music. Listeners often compare their works to a new-school Sublime, and Jay-Z collaborating with Led Zeppelin. After leaving a show, fans have a feeling of re-connection with their musical soul; and an intoxication from the pulse of an amazing LIVE experience. Using what FnK knows about popular music and a raw sense of creativity, they appeal to audiences with a timeless blend of Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, Soul, R&B... and so much more.

"High energy funk and hip-hop are only one reason to love FnK; their bombastic live shows will make you sweat as they've been staples on the CT hip-hop scene for years and deservedly so. A legion of fans follow them wherever they go... if you're not grooving to this band its quite possible you have no soul whatsoever." - CN - Block Island Music Festival

"...To me FnK is Hip-Hop. They embody the pioneering spirit and maintain the original ingenuity and excitement of the art form." - The State of Hip-Hop



The FnK Roster:

Bobby Flow - Vox

Killah Kain - Guitars 

Phenom Josh - Bass

Nasty Nate - Drums